About Jaguar XJS Interiors

We specialise in replacement wood veneered trim for all the jaguar XJS series  manufactured from 1980 to date.

Supplying veneered dashboards, wood rim steering wheels, walnut steering wheels, elm steering wheels, walnut or elm gearknobs, walnut or elm ski slopes all standard equipment items made as per Jaguar original specifications.

We also manufacture some veneered panels that are not standard equipment to compliment the existing such as a veneered fascia panel that replaces the original black plastic fascia and should in our opinion have been fitted as standard!!

We also produce ski slopes / gearshift surrounds for earlier models that did not have them fitted as standard (pre HE).

When veneering items we can make complete matched sets or individual items, our aim is to ensure they match the existing panels within the car or in the case of a new set are made with the same piece of veneer. Steering wheels are also available for all XJS models these are also designed to compliment the existing dashboard.

We use the finest quality burr Elm and Walnut veneers, similar to those used in the manufacture of the original models. As well as veneering on wood we veneer on steel and plastic, made using modern laser cutting techniques to ensure precision and therefore a perfect fit. All items are hand polished and finished with a high gloss polyester lacquer. The end result is a panel that could have come out of the jaguar factory.